Do you need a business plan for a home-based business to avoid a scam?

This blog asks the question whether you need a business plan for a home-based business?  Well, of course you do.

As the picture/banner for this article quotes President Dwight D. Eisenhower:

In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.

The other saying that I like is that a moving ship is easier to steer.  I.e. you can change the course of something that is moving and taking action, but if you never leave the dock, then your direction is pre-determined – i.e. you are going nowhere.

What kinds of plans do you need?  You need a marketing plan, how to get customers or distributors in your business. You need a financial plan, how to budget your limited financial resources.  You nee a time plan, how to spend your precious time.  Most people dedicate a certain number of hours a week in the evening to starting their home-based business while they work full time.  I suggest putting those hours on your favorite calendar sotware took, then honor yourself by keeping the appointments that you’ve made.

Here are some other ideas to consider

In today’s economy, many people are out of work, desperately trying to find jobs or other sources of income to make ends meet. When their plans to be successful in their chosen career faile, some people turn to home business for that income. If you wish to follow in their footsteps, then you will need the proper knowledge like the tips found in this article.

Remember that most all expenses related to your business are tax deductible.  Don’t forget things like a portion of your internet connection.  You can deduct some of the cost from your profits, but you cannot claim more than 50% if you also use it for personal use.  This is slightly easier if you file a separate tax form for a corporation, but in all circumstances, be sure to keep your personal and business expenses separate.

One good way to jump start your home based business is to send emails to your friends notifying them of your business. This will not only give you your first set of customers, but they can also act as advertisers as they tell more and more people of your business.

Find out how to accept credit card purchases for your home business. There are several wonderful web sites online that can help you with the process. You can also check with your bank to see if they can help. You need to make it as convenient as possible for people to buy your product; if it is a hassle, they probably will not want to bother completing the deal.

Figure out the money involved. If necessary save as much money as you can before starting your home business. There are always unseen charges that you will have to deal with, and it is best to pay these with available money rather than a credit card. Don’t think that you can walk into a bank and loan money. Most banks will need to see a proven track record.

If operating an in-home business is what you need to stay home with your young child, consider operating a childcare facility in your own home. Once certification and licensing requirements for legal operation in your locale are met, your need could become a good opportunity for yourself as well as many of your neighbors who also need reliable and trustworthy care for their children.

Analyze any business first to determine if it is a scam.  For example, there is a business now that’s popular on the web, and everybody is asking “Is Empowr a scam business“?  While there are many people making several hundred/month to up to two or three thousand dollars, the newbies that get into the business are highly suspicious. It’s not a perfect business, but whatever business you get into, get the facts and check out the reputation before you jump in with both feet.

Market your products through affiliates. One example of this is trading links with other home businesses in similar or complementary fields. Join affiliate programs, and choose products that complement what you’re already selling. In this way you can increase your income without increasing your inventory or work.

To reduce distractions keep your office off limits to children. Have set work hours that enable you to run your business and still have time for your family. Older children should understand not to disturb you while you are working. For your business to succeed your family needs to be supportive and respectful of your work schedule.

One key advantage that a home business has over a large company is flexibility. A home business can more readily adapt to new opportunities and new ideas whereas a large company will have to spend more resources and time making an adjustment. You should therefore organize your home business with this flexibility in mind such that should a new opportunity present itself, you can quickly shift gears to profit from it!

If you plan on selling products from your home business online, you must be sure to choose a good merchant account. A merchant account will enable you to accept credit card payments both online and offline. A top-of-the-line merchant account should have totally secure transactions, be able to be integrated into your shopping cart software, and should deposit payments to your bank account in a timely manner.

Look to the internet when you need supplies for your business since you can find these products at wholesale prices. Online shopping will reveal a mass amount of product with competitive pricing for the purchase of this kind of product. Your sales tax certificate will give you the ability to purchase from wholesalers.

For a consistent cash flow for your home business, create something that will allow you to do your work once and profit from that work, over and over again. E-books are a great example. By selling electronic books online, it takes away any production costs and provides a steady flow of funds for your business.

Never underestimate the power of freebies. Your products should always be delivered on time, but also consider what goodies you can pack in your shipments as well. Free promotional items or other goodies will entice customers to come back. It is also a testament of your dedication to your customer’s satisfaction.

Every expenditure you have should come with a receipt. This makes it easy to keep track of how much you spend on home business supplies. It also helps you keep track of the cost of running your business every month. Keeping accurate records of your expenditures is also useful in the event that you ever get audited.

If you are able to sell your home business product wholesale, look for businesses that would benefit from your product’s presence. After you’ve narrowed down your search results, email each company and ask if they’d like a free sample pack of your product. This tip tends to yield excellent results!

The homepage of your business website should be an advertisement for your product. While this doesn’t mean you should go for over-the-top, flashy presentation, you should make sure your content points out why they want to explore your website. Convincing your customers to familiarize themselves with your product is the first step to convincing them to buy it!

A good home business tip is to keep any and all receipts related to your business. Keeping receipts is very important because you’ll need them as proof when it comes time to do your taxes. You’re going to need proof for every single deduction you take that’s related to your business.

As stated before, people desperately try to find sources of income in today’s economy. One option they turn to for income is starting a home business. Using the tips found in this article, you should be able to start your own home business and bring in main or alternative income to sustain yourself.

Denise Montgomery – Teacher and Author

denise_montgomer_dallas_author_theblessing_and_setupI had the pleasure to get to know Denise Montgomery at a Meetup in Irving for authors and speakers. She’s a dedicated school teacher who loves to work with young kids.

Denise is an elder at The Potter’s House Church in Dallas.  She is also part of MegaCare Missions, the humanitarian arm of the church.  It’s mission is


To influence the next generation by supporting and initiating sustainable community development efforts through education, health care assistance, humanitarian service and empowerment.

In 2004, Denise was inspired to found Harvest of Blessing Ministries. The ministry is active in the community and provides food, clothing, and financial help to the needy. The ministry is also active in service to the members of Tent City (temporary housing for the homeless under numerous bridges in Dallas.)

Denise has years of experience helping women whose voice has been silenced through domestic violence and sexual abuse.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of her novel, “The Blessings” is used as donations to local women’s shelters.

Denise has written several novels to help young women with the issues the are facing, and show them that a victorious positive life is available.

Book: “The Blessing”

This book is about a girl named Emily Holmes who grew up with a tough life in Arkansas.  She left home at the age of 16 and heads to Arizona, desperate for someone to hold onto, for anyone that can fill the void in her life. Then she meets a young man. The happiness she has longed for is finally within her reach, until one day the young man is forced to go back to Arkansas, the place from where Emily had escaped. She has to come to terms with the demons she left behind.

Book: “The Setup”

A young lady, turning 22 is from a river basin town in Mississippi.  Marie is ready for excitement. Marie and her best friend, Cathy decide to celebrate her birthday with a night out on the town.  Marie meets the man of her dreams. James is a idea man she has been looking for, but soon she learn that he also has a dark side.  Marie will have to learn to deal with his outrageous demands, or suffer the consequences.

Denise’s website is:



Top Ideas About Search Engine Optimization That Are Simple To Follow!

seo_mouse_on_targetAs you get better, you learn how to make the tweaks that really make a difference. If you do not know much about it, use the tips listed here to improve your rankings and enjoy the results.  Some of these tips can be found in the new book about to published by Neal Walters from

When using SEO techniques to set up a website, it is better to use several short articles pertaining to a similar topic instead of one very long article.  Long pages get weighted less than shorter ones by the search engines. Visitors are also not likely to read an article in its entirety if it is overly long.  On the other hand, Neil Patel claims that the search engines really love long articles.

Be certain that your website is well-coded when you are working on optimizing it for search engines. A site that is primarily written in messy JavaScript will be difficult or impossible for spiders to index. If there is a large amount of Flash content on your site that lacks an alternate textual description, it will not be indexed at all. All Flash should be replaced with HTML5 and CSS.

There are a great number of ways to achieve good search engine optimization. You will find you get the most productive results if you are maximizing search efficiency. User experience will be greatly improved as a result of increased performance.  The users want pages to load in the fastest time possible, else they are likely to leave (thus increasing your bounce rate).

Part of increasing your page rank is continually working on it, updating content and always striving to make it better. Visitors will not waste time perusing a site if they cannot find what they want, so getting your content up to par is a good way to keep traffic steady.

Take charge of you website’s destiny by using the resources available to you. There are also a variety of resources that you can use. Read many books along with articles talking about the topic.

If you use your website for blogging, the search engines will pay more attention to you. More content also means better search engine rankings and, by extension, more site traffic.

Try to embed videos onto the homepage of your website. You can use videos to make introductions or show how your product is used. Use effective keywords to label the video, then display it on your site. After you get a video sitemap you can use the tools for webmasters at Google so your URL gets submitted to the account you have. And, you’re also going to want to post your video to other sites other than your own, such as YouTube and Yahoo. This should glean you plenty of customers.

Give the title tag much thought. The eye is immediately drawn to the title tag when it arrives on a website. The tag should be unique in its description of your website content, and use related keywords. At the same time, make sure it’s not too long.

You probably have a really good site, but you know it can’t be perfect. Once you know this and can find the flaws in your designs, you can boost your business output by improving them. Keep working on and improving your website and business to get more visitors.

It is extremely important that all of your site’s images have a corresponding alt tag. Tagging images will allow even a visitor who cannot load the images know what the image should have been in that slot. Search engine spiders can’t read images, only alt tags, which means they’ll be seeing those keywords. And this can improve your search ranking.

To get better search engine optimization, join the Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce. This can increase your relevance with searches that are local because these organizations automatically link to your website. In addition, people will have trust in your business and product if your Better Business Bureau rating is positive.

When working on improving search engine optimization, it is crucial to take advantage of social media sites. Direct communication with your customers is always a positive thing, and programs like Facebook and Twitter will allow you to do exactly that.

All of the links on or associated with your site should include keyword phrases in their titles or anchor text. ” as anchor text. The search engines can understand the links and boost your ranks. Every so often, check through the internal links on your website, and make sure all of them are using keyword links too.

There isn’t a site on the web which doesn’t benefit from a high page rank. It can be tough to achieve this goal these days, but the advice in this article can give you a real leg up on the competition.